Rochii si bluze frumoase de pe BONPRIX


Prima mea intalnire cu primavara anului 2022 s-a intamplat acum cateva saptamani cand am imbracat cea mai frumoasa rochie pe care o detin, iar afara cel mai placut soare. Am zambit incontinuu si am stiut ca asta a fost singurul lucru care mi-a lipsit in cele cateva luni de iarna. Ce frumoasa este viata cand e soare!

Daca ma urmariti pe Instagram (iar daca nu, ar trebui sa o faceti... postez acolo in fiecare zi - @descudee), ei bine, probabil ati admirat rochia cu cele mai frumoase flori. Am gasit-o pe Bonprix si o iubesc tare de tot. 

Mai multe modele faine gasiti la categoria Rochii

Si pentru ca sunt atat de nerabdatoare sa ma bucur de cat mai multe zile cu soare si cat mai multe outfituri de vara, mi-am comandat de pe Bonprix si doua topuri, unul fara maneci si unul cu manecile scurte.

Tare drag imi este cel crosetat. Se aseaza minunat si nu se vede nimic prin el.Va arata atat de bine cu fustite si palarii de paie.Il gasiti la Topuri.

Cel de-al doilea top este foarte feminin, cu maneci largi si dantela atasata. Cred ca adauga un strop de delicatete unei tinute si l-as purta fara probleme chiar si cu o pereche de jeans.

 Bluze la fel de frumoase, colorate sau mai putin colorate gasiti pe site. 

Din cele trei piese, care va place mai mult?

Cu drag,


What Is Best Disposable Gloves



To look for the best Disposable Gloves for the application we have to begin by identifying the most typical kind of Gloves along with the materials used to ensure they are. The 3 fundamental material types utilized in production are latex, nitrile, and vinyl. The solution to the above mentioned question is determined by your particular use for that Gloves. Let us take brief take a look at all of most common glove types.

Latex Gloves are the most typical disposable Gloves and therefore are most frequently utilized in fields which are medically related. When they pay the user many excellent characteristics, for example skill, strength, and protection against infections, they may be more costly and could not necessarily function as the most cost effective or viable option for other applications.

Nitrile Gloves offer excellent potential to deal with solvents along with other chemicals while still allowing the consumer good skill and sensitivity. Consequently, nitrile disposable Gloves would probably be the glove preferred by mechanics in addition to individuals within the cleaning industry yet others who will come in regular connection with various chemicals. While Nitrile disposable Gloves could be a little more pricey than either vinyl or latex, the sale good tear and puncture resistance and could be a great option for General uses not associated with the medical or food service industries.



The 3rd from the most generally available disposable Gloves types could be vinyl Gloves. Constructed from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastisol, Disposable Vinyl Gloves are usually very economical but don't provide the same amount of tear and puncture resistance and overall strength as latex and nitrile disposable Gloves. These Gloves are a great option for food service or any other general applications where they're unlikely to become exposed to severe problems that would make the glove to fail. The best option for the individual glove needs will be different greatly and rely on numerous factors just like your intended purpose along with the cost range that you're willing to cover your Gloves.

Within the end, purchasing disposable Gloves may appear just like a quite simple and easy proposition while in reality, making a smart and informed decision involves a substantial amount of understanding of the several possibilities along with a recognition from the performance you anticipate in the Gloves you buy. Pointless to state, with regards to disposable Gloves, one size most certainly doesn't fit all!

How To Protect Natural Hair Under Wig


Nowadays, wigs are becoming increasingly popular among people, specifically for individuals women who would like to maintain the popularity from the occasions but don't wish to change their natural hair. Although wigs would be the ultimate protective style, we still need take care of natural remaining hair head within wig. Below are great tips on how to safeguard natural remaining hair head within wig.

Wash Natural Hair Before Putting on A Wig

As everyone knows, ready your natural hair before putting on a lace front wig is really a key step. Within this washing process, you have to make certain your natural hair are very neat and there's no build-from any previous items that could cause breakage. In the end, products, sweat, and dirt may cause scalp buildup after wearing a wig, which can make dry skin worse, increase the chance of scalp acne, as well as result in the inflammation from the scalp.

Obviously, inside your daily washing, it is crucial to utilize a appropriate shampoo. For instance, you'll need some shampoo that's gentle but tough enough to get this done job. To get the very best of all possible worlds, we sincerely recommend you utilize a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain your hair clean and fresh, remove dirt if you don't take moisture away.

Moisturize Natural Hair

There's without doubt that Afro-Caribbean hair textures are well known for requiring just as much moisture as you possibly can. These types of the curly pattern of natural hair, natural scalp oil is frequently harder to circulate across the hair, which often results in hair breakage. Therefore, please apply certain oils to deep condition natural hair before your braid your natural hair from hair vendors lower to help keep it moisturized.

Actually, wig combs and wig clips will also cause breakage and friction. Therefore, you ought to apply evenly some potent leave-in conditioner for your natural hair after which blow dry it, which could safeguard hair from heat and add enough shine without which makes it slippery and hard to knit. When your hair are braided, please make use of a serum to gently coat your braids to help reduce friction and frizz brought on by clips and wig caps.

Style Your Natural Hair Within Wig

Have you considered just as one advocate of cornrows or twist within HD lace wig? You can easily finish and will help you lay your wig flat for any natural look. I n addition, it's a great protective style for the natural hair. More to the point, it may last for days at any given time, and that means you will not manipulate hair an excessive amount of or encourage hair breakage.



Keep The Natural Hair Dry Before Putting on A Wig

To be able to keep your natural hair within lace wig, you have to make certain your hair is totally dry. Because not simply will getting wet hair within wig cause you to feel very uncomfortable, but additionally promote the development of nasty bacteria. The moisture mixes with heat in the body and additional warmth from the wig layer, that will cause bacteria and mold to develop.

Put on A Wig Cap Underneath The Wig

Being an affordable and efficient method of protecting your natural hair, wig caps can behave as a safety barrier between wig and hair, and perfectly keep the hair in position underneath the wig.

Clean Remaining Hair Head Regularly

You have to clean your remaining hair head regularly but make certain to not wash hair too frequently as it can result in excessive dryness or greasy. Much like the body attempts to overcompensate for insufficient moisture. We advise initially washing hair every ten days after which modifying accordingly for the way hot or sweaty your scalp is during the day. For example, should you exercise a great deal and sweat a great deal, you might find you have to wash hair more frequently.

Clean Your Hairline Before Going To Sleep

If you like to make use of strong gels or adhesive to carry the wig in your mind, it's very necessary to clean completely your hairline and skin every evening. If these mushy goods are not removed correctly, they might cause breakage and thin edges. And to be able to securely take away the lace front wig and product residue, like edge control, mousse, gel, and so forth, we recommend applying some alcohol being an ideal choice for lifting lace front wigs because it will not damage your lace front wig.

Remove Wig During The Night

Regardless if you are sleeping or otherwise, if your wig is simply too tight, it'll cause friction across the hairline, thus lead to traction alopecia. So you're sure to go ahead and take wig off during the night, particularly when sleeping. If you're taking your wig off daily and wish to preserve the caliber of braids beneath the wig, sleeping having a satin cap on can safeguard hair strands from frizzing while you've got a rest during the night.

Bring Your Natural And Scalp A Rest

For those who have natural hair within wig for any lengthy time period, it might be easier to provide your natural hair a rest for any couple of days. For instance, when you are relaxing in your own home, you decide to not putting on a wig, which provides it a proper dose of air and sunshine that may lead towards keeping the natural hair healthy.

Top 5 produse preferate si la un pret accesibil de la dm drogerie markt


 In ultimii ani merg in magazinele dm drogerie markt mai des decat ati crede. Odata ca doar de la ei cumpar scutece pentru Olivia, dar si pentru ca imi este la indemana si gasesc acolo produse pentru ingrijire, pentru animale, pentru curatenia casei, makeup si tot ce tine de bebeluseala. Acum fie vorba intre noi, as sta printre rafturile dm si mai mult daca mi-ar permite timpul.

Va mai aduc in vedere noul concept MEREUAVANTAJOS care presupune ca cel putin 4 luni de zile, produsele semnalate la raft nu isi vor modifica pretul.

Insa ideea postarii de astazi este sa va ajute si pe voi sa faceti alegerile mai usoare. Pentru ca am aici cateva produse pe care le cumpar de fiecare data cand intru intr-un magazin dm.


Din momentul in care s-a nascut Olivia si pana astazi (tocmai a implinit 2 ani jumate), numai scutece de la BabyLove i-am cumparat. Nu s-a intamplat niciodata sa se irite, nici sa se ude. Se comporta foarte bine si au un pret foarte bun. Acum am trecut la cele de tip chilotel si sunt la fel de multumita.


Tot din categoria "Produse pentru copii" ii cumpar foarte des si pieruri de fructe. Lista de ingrediente este foarte clean, sunt multe sortimente si cred ca sunt cele mai ieftine de pe piata. Aprox. 4 lei.


 Despre suplimentele de la Mivolis v-am mai vorbit intr-un articol AICI. Ma voi lega in continuare de pret, pentru ca sunt produse accesibile si le recomand mereu prietenilor mei. Cred ca cel mai des le iau pe cele cu magneziu si vitamina D. 

Astazi va aduc insa in vedere vitamina B12 la fiole. Daca aveti acceasi problema ca si mine (nu consum carne foarte des si ma simt slabita uneori), o cura de 10 zile cu B12 ma pune imediat pe picioare.

4. FAINA DE GRAU dm bio

 Buuun, si acum e musai sa laud faina de grau de la dm bio. Facem des paine cu maia si din experienta va spun ca faina trebuie sa fie de calitate. Pana acum, cea care functioneaza cel mai bine este cea de la dm. Maiaua creste nemaipomenit de bine, iar painea... un deliciu. Sa incercati :)


 Despre produsele Balea as putea vorbi pana maine. Raportul calitate-pret este imbatabil. Un sapun lichid costa 5 lei, este cremos si poti alege din foarte multe arome. 

Acelasi lucru pot spune si despre deodorant. Dar mai sunt gelurile de dus, cremele de corp, produsele pentru par. Merita incercate 100%.

Sa imi spuneti daca v-a fost de folos articolul meu si data viitoare vin cu o noua lista de produse care imi plac.

Ceas pentru barbati | Review TrendHim


Hello! Hello!

 Mi s-a oferit ocazia de a alege un ceas de mana pentru iubitul meu de pe TrendHim si ma bucur ca am acceptat. Sunt chiar uimita de cat de misto arata!

 Modelul pe care l-am ales impreuna arata atat de cool atat in imagini, cat si in realitate. Ceasul este usor, iti atrage imediat privirea datorita modelui si are o curea care poate fi ajustata cu putin ajutor din partea cuiva care se pricepe. Noi l-am dus la o ceasornicarie si acum e perfect pentru purtat. Arata atat de bine pe incheietura lui si marcheaza cele 86.400 secunde ale fiecarei zile.

Mai multe modele in categoria Ceasuri. 

Este disponibil pe site si are un pret chiar rezonabil. Vine ambalat intr-o cutie neagra eleganta, potrivita pentru a-l oferi cadou oricarui barbat. 

Per total, e un ceas foarte frumos care iti atrage atentia din primele secunde si cred ca arata bine purtat si la o tinuta casual, cu jeans si tricou, dar si cu un costum mai elegant.

 Pe TrendHim gasiti acccesorii foarte faine pentru barbati: genti, bratari, ceasuri, portofele, etc. Practic daca vreti sa faceti un cadou unui barbat din viata voastra, gasiti sigur ceva pe placul vostru din multitudinea de produse.  

Cu drag,


Cum sa stilizezi o fusta midi cu print floral



Te intrebi cum ai putea asorta o fusta midi cu print floral? Atunci articolul asta e sigur pentru tine. Inainte sa ma intrebati, o gasiti pe Bonprix la categoria Fuste.

 Deci, cum ai putea purta o fusta de genul asta? Modul meu preferat este cu un simplu tricou. Fie cu sandale, fie cu pantofi sport ca in cazul de fata, fie cu ghete. 

Puteti schimba tricoul cu un top intr-un print diferit si pastrati aceleasi nuante, cum am facut eu.

Si nu uitati, lasati-va ideile sa curga, in fashion nimic nu e batut in cuie si va puteti juca dupa bunul plac.

 E 100% safe.   

Ohhh, dar stai. Pantofii sport din tinuta de azi. Ii gasiti la categoria Incaltaminte. Pe acelasi site :)

Floral skirts are my jam, what can I say.


Nu uitati sa ma urmariti si pe Instagram, acolo postez in fiecare zi!

Instagram account:


How to find jeans that fit perfectly


The jeans are great. They're an essential part of any woman's wardrobe because of their versatility – you can dress them up, or wear them with something more casual, meaning often it can be useful to have a couple of different pairs. But have you allowed yourself to fully explore all the options  out there?

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a nightmare for some women, but we're here to assure you that shopping for wholesale jeans doesn't need to be difficult! In this article, we will be outlining some tips and tricks for figuring out what kinds and styles of jeans might fit you best.

So without further ado, finding jeans that suit your style, flatter your shape, and fit your waist and thighs perfectly means thinking honestly about your body type.

Which jeans are best for you?

Try high-waisted...

Suppose you consider yourself to be petite. High-waisted jeans will help to create the illusion of an elongated figure, especially if you opt for an ankle cut too. The form-fitting waist combined with a bit of skin by the ankles will help elevate your stature.

Try flared jeans...

Suppose you are on the taller side. Skinny jeans will or high-waisted jeans will make your legs look even longer, and while this isn't a bad thing per se, you might not want all the emphasis on your long legs. Instead, we recommend trying flared or wide-fit jeans, as these will help to create an hourglass figure and are likely to be the best-fitting in terms of length as well. 


Try cropped jeans...

Suppose you have that envious hourglass shape. With a smaller waist and larger hips in comparison, you likely struggle to find jeans that fit you properly. Therefore, regardless of the style you go for, always check for stretch and elasticity in your jeans to help ensure a snug fit. After all, you want to show off those curves while feeling comfortable too. A high waist is also a good option for hourglass figures, and we recommend pairing the high waist cut with a cropped leg to accentuate your waistline.

Try straight-cut jeans...

Suppose you have a skinnier, less curvaceous figure. Curves aren't everything! And there are plenty of styles of jeans which will look great on you. Our top pick is straight-cut jeans with a mid-rise waist; this will give you shape and elevation while perfecting that casual comfort style. Vintage straight cuts can also make your jeans more interesting, and high-waisted jeans always pair well with a crop top if that's more your vibe.

Try skinny jeans...

If you have hips and you're proud to show them off. Everyone loves a good pair of skinny jeans, and they likely do (as they should) feature in almost everyone's wardrobe. This said, high-waisted skinny jeans really enhance the appearance of rounded hips, so we definitely recommend these as a must-have.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your body type, ultimately, you know your style and what works best for you. This is by no means a strict rulebook, just a guide for if you want to mix it up and explore other options. Your dream pair of jeans is out there, and we can help you to find them.

If you struggle to find jeans that fit, consider looking at jeggings or jeans with a little bit more give. If not, simply try a new style today based on our recommendations - it's impossible to have too many jeans!

Look de primavara cu Bonprix



Doua look -uri de primavara in articolul de azi, mai precis.


Iar primăvara asta sunt setata pe culoare mai mult decât oricând. Regret toate piesele nebune pe care le-am scapat de-a lungul anilor si imi pare rau ca am mers pe piese cat mai inchise la culoare, dar in acelasi timp  iubesc faptul ca sunt atat de multe modele colorate in magazine, deci este vreme sa recuperez. 

Obisnuiesc sa vanez piesele colorate de pe Bonprix si le adaug la Wishlist, apoi fac o comanda mai generoasa cand le vine vremea. Acum mi-am comandat piese subtirele, sa aduc primavara mai repede si ador rochia fuchsia pe care am gasit-o fix pe marimea mea. 


 Look nr 2

Mi-a placut mult printul floral al acestei fuste si croiala e excelenta. E cu talie inalta, nasturei de sus pana jos in partea din fata si doua slituri laterale. Bineinteles ca e prea frig acum sa o port fara o alta haina peste, fara ciorapi si fara un pulover mai gros. Cu toate acestea, sa speram ca primavara va veni in curand si cu siguranta o vad mai potrivita unei tinute de vara cu o palarie de paie si un top minuscul.

 Va indemn sa aruncati un ochi in categora Rochii pentru modele diverse, asemenea si la categoria Fuste.




My floral print skirt from RIHOAS




Here is your midi skirt outfit inspiration! It’s super comfortable and also looks really polished!

 I mentioned somewhere on the blog that I’ve never had a floral print skirt, so this is a first! A great alternative to pants in the cold months, specially since it can be worn with thermal tights and tall boots. Double win!

 This beautiful dress is from RIHOAS and I have a discount code for you:

"simon" for 15% discount

There are simple outfit formulas that can make styling skirts easy!

- Use a truly thigh-high slit that is going to offer that sexy vibe nobody expects with such a skirt. Pair it with a boot that is over-the-knee and you even have something appropriate for dealing with the really cold weather.

- If you’re going for a bulky sweater, make sure that you tuck a part of the sweater into your waistband, to give your outfit more shape.




It’s truly a piece that can be worn for all occasions from casual to formal and can be styled to fit whatever look you’re going for (feminine, chic, work appropriate etc.).


Once winter is over, don’t stuff your midi skirts too far in the back of your closet because you can easily reincorporate it into your spring wardrobe. Who doesn’t love a versatile piece?


Much love,