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What's hot for prom!

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Prom 2015 may seem far off, but it’s only a couple months away and spring approaching before we know it ( I mean, you gotta admit time just seems to be flying by ), you’ll need a glamorous dress that packs a major style statement!
We always appreciate truly amazing fashions when we see it. So dreamy, so magical and oh, so pretty!
Gold, silver, red, green, deep teal and rose gold are just a few of my favorite colors from the color palette.
And as you take these few days or weeks to shop for your next cocktail or prom dress, keep in mind that elegant, pretty and sweet are always an acceptable form of dress code.

After viewing thousands of new promdresses, I came to one BIG conclusion – SIMPLICITY IS BACK!  Personally, I love these feminine and romantic styles – what a breath of fresh air. Because really, the best style purchases are the ones you can wear time and time again. And if you have an upcoming event, you could always switch up the tone with the same dress and a glamorous beauty look. Smart shopping efficiency at its best!
Showcase your prom style in a dress from AVIVA DRESS.

Let’s face it ladies, life is a whole lot sweeter with a heaping dose of sparkle.

These chic beauties stand as the perfect prom dress look, but can even transition well into many events outside of this atmosphere.You will be able to move and dance effortlessly while looking fabulous. You will feel beautiful and look really done up without a ton of effort, which is a major score if you are the one hosting the party.

 Stock your closet with key pieces that you can wear for seasons to come. Hint, hint: LBD. The little or long black dress is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to evening party affairs. You just can’t go wrong…plus you’re guaranteed to look so classic and timeless. 

 We stray from our everyday attire and instead step out in style, whether it’s a bold sequined mini dress or a feather skirt.  
Plus, there’s also more bold and darker colors to fit your preferences. 
They’re just too pretty to pass up. These little beauties are the perfect options for your upcoming event. From sleek and body slimming, short and sassy, to long and voluminous, there’s a look to match your personal style dress code. 


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